Monday, December 18, 2017

The New Hope

I am so glad that everyone is clinging on to hope. Now I understand why Obama was so successful and loved. He kept hope alive. That is one thing that so many folks believe in: HOPE.

Now that Obama is no longer in the White House, seeking hope gets harder and harder. This week was big for our nation. We found hope easily twice. Once with the Alabama special election. The other in the Force with the latest Star Wars installment.

I sat in a crowded movie theatre listening to the cheers when keepers of hope like familiar Star Wars characters appeared on screen and moments when characters wished, "May the Force be with you." I am not should why Star Wars is so deeply loved. What I do know is I felt the sense of hope everyone else did and I am grateful for it.

Inspiration can be found anywhere even at the movies. So if you are losing faith, go out to the theatre and be swept away into a galaxy far far away. My faith in hope has only grown stronger.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Save Yourself

It is good that we are always hearing the message we are the leaders we have been waiting for. Although it has to combat the constant opposite message that younger generations are taught of being rescued. This fantasy still exists in the fairy tales and movies that circulate our libraries and theaters. We all have something unique to contribute to the world.

In Amy Cuddy's book, Presence (Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges), she describes the way power can help us be present. If you feel powerless, you are not as present as if you felt powerful. She describes how the many who feel powerlessness look for external validation and tend to get self-absorbed. The elements of presence include confidence, comfort level and passionate enthusiasm.

Like me, you may have been introduced to Amy Cuddy from her TED talk. She highlighted the wonder women pose and explained how the body can influence the mind. She simply explained how getting into a power position (like the wonder women pose where you put you hands on your hips) before you go into a situation where you may feel uncertain or exposed, can help build confidence yielding the better outcome.

Save yourself by building your internal power. Know who you are. Make decisions with confidence and peace. This is being comfortable in your own skin and in your power. This will allow you to be more present and more of not only who you are but also who you hope to be.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What rules your world?

Our worlds are dominated by thoughts, messages and how we decide to move from moment to moment. Whatever thoughts you give power to, show up in your life and being. In the second Sex and the City film, the main character Carrie explores what it is to make your own rules in a relationship. I would like to take this one step further and explore how rules operate in our lives. What rules do you put on your life? I use ground rules with groups I work with. Other than that instead of rules, I ground myself in key values that I live by.

Being dominated by rules and to do lists can be limiting if you think about it. If you transform these rules into healthy, regular habits you won't always have to list out what you know to be true. In my last women's circle meeting, we talked about BIG feelings like JOY, PEACE and FREEDOM. These feelings can not be achieved with restriction and over planning. That is why we say we have to bend the rules sometimes. Make space for allowing to happen.

What do you often think about? What thoughts dominate your world? What are the rules you struggle with? What are rules you feel the need to set often? Show yourself some compassion by letting go of the rules that are not helpful in a given situation. We are hardest on ourselves so practicing self compassion is necessary. You are after all the only ruler of your inner world.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The main ingredient

Love, love, love

Putting love in what you do is what leading with heart is all about. Love spreads, the energy moves people. Love is a choice and without action, it can be just a word. Love is the main ingredient that makes a world of a difference. We are fortunate to have great leaders and role models that have put love in the forefront of their work like President Barack Obama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou and countless courageous and selfless leaders.

My nickname Clari was given to me in love and received with love. It seemed to be the only nickname that stuck. Now that it has been slightly altered, I am okay with it because once again it was done with love and so naturally. It is also hard to resist the purity of children. The love influence is undeniable and spreads like wildflower. Love reveals our authenticity and allows for genuine connection.

If you are having a hard time bringing love to what you are doing, you may want to evaluate your intentions. Are your actions a stepping stone to what you really hope for? Are you just involved in actions that are expected of you? Re-route until you get to add some love.

Love is why everyone enjoys that meal that is your favorite recipe. It shows. It's probably why your presentation went so well, you put love in the preparation and in your outfit. So put some love in it. Make it your main ingredient and reap the benefits.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fire Crisis

In a session for SuperSoul TV, Caroline Myss (author of the Anatomy of the Spirit) beautifully describes the human fire crisis and the soul. She explains that we live in the time of Fire. Perhaps we are all seekers looking for more meaning and purpose. It reminds me of Wayne Dyer's quote above, "Don't die with your music still inside you." Your fire is your creativity, your passion.

You can feel collectively that we all want more purpose and meaning in our lives. I am grateful that in this fire age, it is common to celebrate the new moon. It is known to be cautious during a planet's retrograde and the full moon. We can talk about the possibility that a deja vu is connected to a past life. Being in harmony with others and the universe enhances my life journey.

Blogging, journaling, writing poetry and just writing is one way I stand in my fire. It allows me to create, be creative, express myself and commune with others. Find your spark and let it grow. What needs to come from you?

We have our theme song already. Jimi Hendrix asked us to, "Let me stand next to your fire." It's the fire namaste, let the spark in you ignite the spark in me. I know fire can be explosive and rage strongly until everything comes down. Like anger we can use this force for good. Let the fire warm your heart and guide your spark.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Language of Intuition

"Like an ability or muscle, learning your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it."- Robbie Gass

I am always exploring how to articulate what is most hardest to. Feelings, emotions, inner transitions, struggles, and breakthroughs. With leaders, researchers and writers like Brene Brown, Judith Orloff, Deepak Chopra and many others I have been able to collect knowledge, words and build a stronger foundation for my journey and how to share it.

In additionally, now I can thank my monthly women's group for exploring language that helps express intuitive clues. I have always known that my mind is like working any muscle. This is why I mediate, it is like training for a mental marathon. What I learned was about the enteric nervous system. Some refer to it as the brain of "the gut." Sometimes we just know things and a lot of people attribute this to their gut. We hear things like, "I got this feeling." "This does not feel right to me." "When you know, you know."

Science backs up claims that we operate under two systems. On controlled by the left side of the brain is slow, analytical and a conscious way of operating. The other controlled by the right side of our brain is quick, instinctual and often a subconscious way of operating. You hear people say, "You are all left brain." Do you know when you need to pull from the other side?

I think we are just scratching the surface on intuition. I do try my best to go with that good feeling. What does a good feeling, look and feel like to you? I work at listening to my truest and genuine feelings. Make no mistake, it is work. Work to get to the core and underneath it all to that true feeling.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Emotional Freedom

In the book, Emotional Freedom, Judith Orloff beautifully details how to triumph over negative feelings by replacing them with positive ones. She encourages readers to call upon their dreams for help and share strategies to do so. She begins the journey of emotional freedom with defining different emotional types (gusher, empath, rock and intellectual). As an empath, I am grateful that Judith goes deeply into this type because she is of this type too.

For every emotion that she discusses she takes a four prong approach of the biology, energetic power, spirituality and psychology aspects. Among the positive emotions that she highlights are courage, patience, connection, inner calm, hope, self-esteem and compassion. As a medical intuitive, Judith is able to reflect on the world of medicine and spirituality. She combines these different views easily and makes this guide accessible and practical.

Stress is usually portrayed as the ultimate culprit of physical and emotional health challenges. To go deeper we need to recognize and understand the emotions that feed into stress and stressful situations. If stress is not addressed, these negative emotions are usually carried out. Either way they work hand in hand.

How do you combat stress and negative emotions? What emotional weaknesses are you working on? Do you feel healthy, physically, emotionally and spiritually? If you haven't a clue, you may want to pick up the book, Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff.